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Kliktronic Electric Shifter for Harley-Davidson
Kliktronic Electric Shifter for Harley-Davidson
Our Price: $1,395.00

The Kliktronic system is best described as an
‘electronic foot’. It is operated by two discreet
buttons usually mounted on the handlebars.
It is powered by the bike’s electrical system.
Unlike air shifters, no bulky gas bottles to fill.
It is dual acting for both up & down shifts, and
is extremely fast and consistent.
The Kliktronic system is suitable for virtually
any kind of riding, whether you are looking for
a charge for racing, or comfort and convenience
when cruising. It is also very useful for those
who have a disability which prevents gear
changing by foot. The Kliktronic is the ideal
solution for everyone.
Introduced in 1997 after 18 months of
development, the Kliktronic system is the result
of a design partnership between Bob Sirett and
Keith Holland of England. Both avid bikers,
they have been involved in engineering and
electronic development work. Bob and Keith
have over 60 years of experience between
The system was originally designed to overcome
a disability. After Bob’s son Carl was paralyzed
in a motorcycle accident, he was determined
to get back on the bike. The Kliktronic
System gave him a new-found freedom.
Thousands of disabled riders who never
thought they would ride again have now benefited
from the ease of Kliktronic.
Using their own engineering facilities, Bob
and Keith are constantly improving the system.
There are various Shift Buttons available
for the right side as well.  Just give us a call.
We will be glad to explain all the possibilities
and help figure out the perfect set up for You!
Call me. My name is Rix. "The Trike Guy"
  1-800-649-4749    FREE Shipping!

One option available is the Kliktronic Ignition Interrupt Switch utilizes a Micro Processor with a Quartz Oscillator to insure exact timing each and every full power clutch less up shift. Designed to be compatible with single or multiple coils, carbureted or fuel injected motorcycles for smooth, seamless up shifts under power. LED's are used to give visual confirmation of power and duration of interrupt. An adjustable timer with a range of 0 ms to 500 ms gives a wide range of Interrupt time. An isolator switch allows for easy on/off operation. The Kliktronic Ignition Interrupt Switch is designed to be used in tandem with the Kliktronic Electric Shifter.
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Attention handicapped, disabled and special needs riders—a custom trike is the perfect way to enjoy the freedom of the road! Equipped with special hand and/or foot controls along with solid three-wheel stability, your trike delivers the throttle therapy you crave.

SO CAL TRIKE CENTER specializes in handlebar controls, push button Kliktronic shifters, the revolutionary K-LEVER 2, gear- and electric-reverse systems, for Harley-Davidson's EZ Clutch, left foot brakes and more. Whatever you need to hit the road—SO CAL TRIKE CENTER delivers.

Not only is a custom trike a radical way to blast the open road, it makes for one wicked wheelchair! Make your appointment with SO CAL TRIKE CENTER and get back "In the Wind" today. 1-800-649-4749.

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At SO CAL TRIKE CENTER, our trike conversion prices always include paint, (one color), installation, wheels, tires and any shipping - crating charges to give you a more realistic cost. We do not just list the lowest possible price to get your business.

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when you feel unable to ride
CALL 1-800-649-4749
We will pick-up You AND your Motorcycle, Trike, and/or Sidecar and take you both SAFELY Home
This service is offered to ALL Motorcycle, Trike, and/or Sidecar riders in the North San Diego County area Including the cities of Bonsal, Camp Pendleton, Carlsbad, Escondido, La Costa, Oceanside, San Marcos, and Vista!
So Cal Trike Center:


Rix is a former active duty Marine. So Cal Trike Center supports ALL the men and women in our Armed Forces who are out there "standing in the gap" God Bless them! & God Bless America!

trikes for sale

2006 GL1800 Navigation Model
Color: Titanium w/ Custom Pinstriping
Mileage: Less than 12,000 miles
OVER $50,000.00 Invested

This 1800 Goldwing Champion Trike has Nav, Heated Seats, Heated Grips, and every Chrome piece known to man!
Really!! It has every upgrade you can think of and then some.

All the Chrome you could want and Lights and 3 Alarm systems too! It even has Ground Effects Lighting with Remote Control.
This Trike has over $10,000.00 in extra stuff on it, not including Labor. Over $50K invested to build this one. Only 11,800 miles!
We would love to get You on 3 Wheels!

Yours for only $38,000.00, or MAKE US AN OFFER. . .
Call for Your TEST RIDE Appointment Today 1-800-649-4749.

This Trike was built by:

Trikes, Bikes, Trailers, and Sidecars.
1050 Linda Vista Drive
San Marcos, California 92078
Ride Safe and God Bless You!!!

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