Trike and handicap conversions for popular big-bore motorcycles from Lehman Trikes, Champion Trikes and California Sidecar Trikes

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At SO CAL TRIKE CENTER, our trike conversion prices always include paint, (one color), installation, wheels, tires and any shipping/crating charges to give you a more realistic cost. We do not just list the lowest possible price to get your business.
For example, others often list the Lehman Renegade at $8,950.00, when in reality you gotta add installation, paint, and shipping/crating, to that price before you can have a trike, not to mention sales tax, and that's for just a basic bare-bones kit, with no options!
Since we started doing trikes in 1994, we have NEVER sold a basic kit; there are just too many options to consider.
It takes time to know and understand all the options that are available, and why you may or may not want them, this is also why an appointment is so important. We prefer the personal approach; my name is Rix, let's start with a phone call so we can discuss what you are looking for, and what you want, then I can give you an idea of the costs involved, next we set up an appointment and a TEST RIDE at the shop in San Marcos, California. If you are looking to convert you current bike, North San Diego County has some fantastic back roads and scenery. SO CAL TRIKE CENTER could be a stop along the way to another great ride.
If you are serious about a Trike or just curious and have questions, maybe you have never ridden a Trike, give SO CAL TRIKE CENTER a call today for your TEST RIDE appointment!
We here at SO CAL TRIKE CENTER look forward to meeting you and developing a long-lasting relationship based on our trusted service and support to keep you safe and in the wind!

trikes for sale
Visit our San Marcos, CA showroom
to test ride proven trikes available for sale.

Hitting the road on three wheels is a riding experience like none other, so trust all your trike needs to a shop like none other - the SO CAL TRIKE CENTER. As the first and oldest trike shop in California, SO CAL is the only shop in the state that's certified and authorized to build, sell and service the top trike brands in the industry.

As the first and oldest trike shop in California, (Established in 1994), SO CAL TRIKE CENTER is the ONLY shop in the State of California that is certified and authorized to build, sell and service the top trike brands in the industry.

At SO CAL TRIKE CENTER, we live, eat and breathe three-wheels! Running the number one trike shop in the state does not happen by accident. Wholly dedicated to the trike community and riding, we ride everyday. And when we're not riding, we're busy crafting, selling and servicing trikes for you and our fellow riders.

For new trikes, road-proven trikes and/or custom builds look no further. Whether you seek a trike to aid with a disability, a custom trike built for pure style and/or performance, or just a simple excuse to go knuckle to knuckle with the wind on Three Wheels, SO CAL TRIKE CENTER is your First choice. And when it comes to wrenching, the service at SO CAL TRIKE CENTER is unmatched; MMI and Harley-Davidson PHD factory training as well as Lehman Trikes factory trained to maintain, service and install your Lehman Trike, or California Side Car Trike, or Champion Trike, or any trike you choose. Our mechanical expertise is hard earned! From metrics to American steel, SO CAL TRIKE CENTER is the shop Southern California trikers have been turning to since 1994. If you're thinking about a switch to three wheels, make an appointment to come on in to see what it's all about. We guarantee that once you see, hear and feel the ride of a trike, conversion is inevitable. And if you already ride, you're already one of us, so cruise on in to shoot the breeze and talk some shop with your best friends on three wheels - SO CAL TRIKE CENTER.

Disabled and want to start riding—or want to start riding again? Turn to SO CAL TRIKE CENTER and get back on the road. With the right equipment, the road is yours no matter what your disability. From special handlebar controls and left foot brakes to push button gearshifts and reverse systems, SO CAL TRIKE CENTER has the equipment and expertise to get you “back in the wind.”
And, we have you covered for the dismount, too. Our modified Thule Rack Systems let you fold and mount your wheelchair to your trike or trailer, which means it's always within reach for the off-the-bike action!
SO CAL TRIKE CENTER specializes in trike conversions and modifications for the handicap rider. We are prepared and equipped to get you back on your bike, no matter what:
Kliktronic Pushbutton Gear Changers:
This electronic actuator system shifts gears with the simple push of a button. Best described as an “electronic foot,” the Kliktronic system makes shifting easy, faster and more accurate.

  • Easy thumb operation, via 2 discreet buttons
  • Simply the quickest way to shift - 35 - 50 milliseconds
  • Dual-action mechanism performs both up and down shifts
  • Powered by your bike's electrical system
  • Crafted from the highest quality electrical and mechanical components
  • Military-grade switches are easy to push and built tough
  • Switch assembly does not clutter handlebars

Reverse Systems:

  • Makes performing reverse maneuvers effortless
  • Geared reverse — uses the power of your bike's motor
  • Electric reverse — uses an auxiliary electric motor
Left Foot Brakes:
  • The right side isn't necessarily the “right side” for your rear brake
Left Handle Bar Master Cylinder:
  • When it comes to controls, there really is no “right side”
EZ Clutch for Harley Davidson:
  • Reduces clutch pull effort by up to 30%
  • Delivers smoother, easier clutch action
Handlebar Controls:
With all the operational controls mounted to your handlebars, you hit the road without any assistance—which is what riding is all about.
  • Electronic Shifting
  • Dual Braking
  • Reverse Controls
Wheelchair Mounts:
SOCAL TRIKE CENTER modifies 2 popular Thule® Racks specifically to safely mount & haul your wheelchair.
  • Thule Eclipse — Easily mount your wheelchair directly to your trike
  • Thule Roadway — Securely mount your wheelchair to your cycle trailer hitch

Shown here is the New K-LEVER2 system for Handicap Riders, it can be configured several different ways. For the Right or Left Side. It can be a Double Brake or combination Clutch and Brake, Cable and/or Hydraulic too.
So Cal Trike Center offers a complete kit for you.

This exciting new innovation, K-LEVER 2 from the manufacturers of the Kliktronic Electric Shifter is the perfect solution for motorcycle riders who are unable to use their right foot for the rear brake.
The modular design allows independent operation of both front and rear brakes using just one hand.
It can be configured for clutch and brake operation, hydraulic and/or cable, even Right and/or Left side for total versatility. Available in natural or black finish.
Fluid Reservoirs, Hoses, Fittings, & Residual Valve, (if needed), must be purchased separately.

So Cal Trike Center offers a kit for your Trike, Bike, or Sidecar Rig!

K-LEVER 2 system for no legs handicap

The picture on the left shows the application of the front brake only, on the right the rider grips both levers simultaneously and applies both front and rear brakes. K-LEVER2 and Kliktronic Electric Shift System website >>

The short story on a very versatile range of function >>

View pdf installation manuals for various models here:
Harley Davidson FLHR Models >>
Harley Davidson FLH / FLT & Tri Glide Models >>

trikes for sale

TRIKES FOR SALE: call (760) 744-1688 or stop by the shop to discuss currently available machines to choose from. Shop is closed Sunday and Monday, call anytime. Really. more >>

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We are the ONLY one to do all 4 of the BIG BOYS, (Lehman, Champion, CSC, & Motor Trike), and the oldest trike dealer here in California. So if you want your trike, whether it is a Honda or a Harley built, or serviced, or maybe you want something custom, we can do it! Stop by and say "Hi!" God Bless, Rix

Attention handicapped, disabled and special needs riders—a custom trike is the perfect way to enjoy the freedom of the road! Equipped with special hand and/or foot controls along with solid three-wheel stability, your trike delivers the throttle therapy you crave.

SO CAL TRIKE CENTER specializes in handlebar controls, push button Kliktronic shifters, the revolutionary K-LEVER 2, gear- and electric-reverse systems, for Harley-Davidson's EZ Clutch, left foot brakes and more. Whatever you need to hit the road—SO CAL TRIKE CENTER delivers.

Not only is a custom trike a radical way to blast the open road, it makes for one wicked wheelchair! Make your appointment with SO CAL TRIKE CENTER and get back "In the Wind" today. 1-800-649-4749.

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At SO CAL TRIKE CENTER, our trike conversion prices always include paint, (one color), installation, wheels, tires and any shipping - crating charges to give you a more realistic cost. We do not just list the lowest possible price to get your business.

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when you feel unable to ride
CALL 1-800-649-4749
We will pick-up You AND your Motorcycle, Trike, and/or Sidecar and take you both SAFELY Home
This service is offered to ALL Motorcycle, Trike, and/or Sidecar riders in the North San Diego County area Including the cities of Bonsal, Camp Pendleton, Carlsbad, Escondido, La Costa, Oceanside, San Marcos, and Vista!
So Cal Trike Center:


Rix is a former active duty Marine. So Cal Trike Center supports ALL the men and women in our Armed Forces who are out there "standing in the gap" God Bless them! & God Bless America!

trikes for sale

2006 GL1800 Navigation Model
Color: Titanium w/ Custom Pinstriping
Mileage: Less than 12,000 miles
OVER $50,000.00 Invested

This 1800 Goldwing Champion Trike has Nav, Heated Seats, Heated Grips, and every Chrome piece known to man!
Really!! It has every upgrade you can think of and then some.

All the Chrome you could want and Lights and 3 Alarm systems too! It even has Ground Effects Lighting with Remote Control.
This Trike has over $10,000.00 in extra stuff on it, not including Labor. Over $50K invested to build this one. Only 11,800 miles!
We would love to get You on 3 Wheels!

Yours for only $38,000.00, or MAKE US AN OFFER. . .
Call for Your TEST RIDE Appointment Today 1-800-649-4749.

This Trike was built by:

Trikes, Bikes, Trailers, and Sidecars.
1050 Linda Vista Drive
San Marcos, California 92078
Ride Safe and God Bless You!!!

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